Create a reception space for guest messages

We have all experienced the flurry of excitement that surrounds a wedding. Oftentimes, there are so many people in one location, it can be difficult for the bride and groom to mingle with all of their guests. Many times the older guests as well as those with younger children end up leaving early and this can be devastating when the couple realizes they hardly had a moment to say hello or thank certain people for attending. What to do? Thankfully, there are lots of fun and creative ways to ensure you connect with your guests throughout the day.

Create a reception space for guest messages

Receiving lines are falling by the wayside for many couples. Even those traditional souls who plan for them often miss a few people due to bathroom breaks and small children requiring attention. If you do have a receiving line, it often goes by exceptionally fast and the bride and groom can commonly be seen talking to different folks simultaneously. Chaos is a common description for this part of the reception.

Create a reception space for guest messages to allow everyone the chance to communicate. This can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. Have the emcee announce the plan to your group right at the beginning of the reception to give ample time for everyone to share their thoughts.

Signing a picture frame

Many couples have permanent markers (metallic, black or colored) sitting in a jar alongside a picture frame. Use an engagement photo or fun black and white shot. Have a wide, plain border available and signage asking guests to contribute on their way into the venue. This option is great near the seating arrangement plan in the foyer or entrance into your venue.

The wishing tree

Ornate metallic tree frames can be used for this or get out the pliers and create your own! Have little envelopes and cards and keep the wishes sealed until your first anniversary.

Vintage typewriter

Worried about not being able to decipher some of your guests’ handwriting? Have a little desk or table set up with a typewriter and some pretty paper or printed cards available. Be sure to have a chair for those who want to type more than a sentence or two.

Video message lounge

Some comfy seating, a tripod and a friend to work the camera can help you capture some heartfelt wishes from your guests. Be sure to take into account how loud the DJ and dance floor will be as the reception carries on. Enjoy your video messages for years to come.

Fingerprint tree

This is a fun alternative to a guest book. Simply create a canvas with a large tree trunk and branches. Have some different colored water based stamp pads on hand for guests and some wet wipes available. Guests can create leaves on the tree by using a fingerprint to showcase their attendance. Have some leaf shaped stationary and pens available to allow them the option of writing you a personal message. Frame the canvas and hang in your home afterwards as a special memento of your wedding.

Postcards and a vintage suitcase

This is a lovely idea for travel themed weddings or any vintage style. Have a bunch of blank postcards available and an open suitcase to collect and display them in when finished.

Mailbox of love notes

Simple recipe cards embellished with stamps or stickers can allow your guests to create wonderful private notes for you to read afterwards. Place the message cards in a scrapbook or album afterwards for easy access.

Message in a bottle

If you want to ensure every guest has a chance to offer some advice or share a memory, consider incorporating a message center on each table. Any type of wide mouth decorative jar can neatly hold slips of paper to be read at a further date.

Get creative and have fun with all the ways you can allow your guests to connect with you throughout the chaos of your wedding day. Years down the road, the thing that will still matter to you isn’t how the food tasted or how lovely the flowers looked that day, it will be all the love you shared with the people who are most important to you.

As part of our comprehensive wedding planning and decorating services, Table Decor and More can incorporate any of the preceding ideas and much more into your ceremony and reception. We handle every detail of your special day so you can totally relax and enjoy yourself rather than stressing over the details.

Contact Table Decor today to learn more about our all-inclusive wedding packages. Call us at 704-823-7806 or use the Contact form on this page to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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